Collard Greens

i thought it would be a good idea to grow plenty of these. They are really good for you, and they are easy to grow. I just plopped some seeds in the ground and have been having great success. Such success, in fact, that I am now drowning in collard greens.

Fortunately for me, there’s a really nice easy way to eat them. First remove the tough inner rib of the leaf. Then, saute in some olive oil with garlic, salt and pepper. You can jazz it up with spices or herbs if you like. I like to eat browned in the pan scallops with mine.



About susankolvoord

I have been an avid home cook for years, having many cooking adventures with my friends. Now, I've expanded that enthusiasm for gardening, and I am excited to share what I learn as I go along.

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  1. Beth McConnell

    Susan, Your mom shared your blog site with me. What a lovely presentation. Congratulations! Now I see an advantage to all that rain on the W. Coast. : )

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