Chives are of the same family as onions and garlic. Not only are they versatile and mild, but they are easy to grow and bear beautiful flowers that would not look out-of-place in an ornamental flower garden.

Chives are great snipped into scrambled eggs, salads, salad dressing and other raw sauces. They are really nice tossed with roasted or grilled veggies too.


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I have been an avid home cook for years, having many cooking adventures with my friends. Now, I've expanded that enthusiasm for gardening, and I am excited to share what I learn as I go along.

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  1. Chives’ flowers dry well by hanging upside down, and they can be added to dried-flower arrangements.

  2. This comment comes from Iris, who tends a huge pot of herbs every summer. “This year I read on the ‘Net that blood meal would keep critters away. Being the conscientious person I am, I purchased organic blood meal to add to the potting soil. The neighbor’s cat was the first to investigate the new aroma–right by the chives. I knew he did not like onions.
    The next visitor sniffed and then sat on the pot–a skunk. I plan to remove the soil and start over. Just thought you might want to know…”

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